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Dr. Rupali Shivalkar

Dr Rupali Shivalkar, Resource Faculty at SukoonGhar Org is a Delhi based Psychiatrist.

Dr Rupali Shivalkar is a psychiatrist based in Delhi. With an MBBS from the Mumbai University and a Diploma in Psychological Medicine, she is adept at handling a variety of challenging cases that have to do with behaviour and thinking. Also, she has over 22 years of experience in the field of psychiatry and has risen in ranks to become one of the top professionals in this area, in Delhi. She has also attained an MD in Psychiatry from the Mumbai University through her study and research at GSM College and KEM Hospital. She has served as a professor and a consultant at various reputed institutes, which has helped her in gathering a rather impressive body of knowledge and experience as she has had the opportunity to work on several patients with challenging conditions and symptoms. She has a wide set of specializations with abnormal behaviour therapy topping the list only to be followed by substance abuse and de addiction therapy and treatment. She is also well known for her treatment methods involving cognitive behavioural therapy and other forms of treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder. With her experience and expertise, she is able to home in on the root cause of the issue with careful evaluation and examination before she begins the therapy or treatment method. She is also adept at critical care procedures and has widespread experience when it comes to handling emergency cases.