The World of Hypnotherapy




5 Days

About the Course

Ever came around to the term Hypnosis? Well, it is not as blurry as it sounds! In this course, we’d go ahead to start by Introducing you to the basic concept of Hypnosis and the Subconscious mind! Coming on to climbing the next step, we will ensure to focus more on defense mechanisms that our Subconscious mind often plays with and will eventually make it memorable by taking into view the trance state and relaxing by experiencing it and making it more memorable!

Major Content:

  1. Introduction To Hypnosis

  2. Basics Of Hypnosis

  3. Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis

  4. Exploring Defence Mechanisms

  5. Subconscious Mind and Blocks

  6. Inducing Trance and Experiencing It

  7. What issues can hypnotherapy help you with?

  8. Your scope as a hypnotherapist

  9. JPMR

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Until then #thinkfeelheal!

Your Instructor

Jhanvi Kundra, is a Counseling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Relationship Therapist, Expressive
Arts Therapist, Facilitator.Jhanvi has been an excellent Trainer in her ongoing certification
course and programs conducted. She has taken more than 500+ therapy sessions, Trained 1000+
psychology Students so far.

Jhanvi Kundra

Jhanvi Kundra