The code behind managing Stress and Anxiety




5 Days

About the Course

The course “The code behind managing stress” helps an individual combat stress-like situations and build a positive and healthier life. To start with, it highlights the need to talk about stress as well as anxiety, focusing further on how stress makes an individual feel emotionally and physically. We believe that to eradicate an issue, it's important to know the sole reason behind it. Therefore, this course ensures to talk about the causes of stress and anxiety and makes it the backbone of the course! Moving further on, We also discuss the disorders associated with stress and anxiety. In the end, we aim to make the session memorable and useful by throwing light on “how to manage stress” and adopt a healthier mode of living

The topics covered under this 5 Day event will include:

  1. Why is it important to talk about stress and anxiety?

  2. How it feels emotionally and physically?

  3. Signs, Symptoms, Causes

  4. Stress and Anxiety Related Disorder

  5. Managing Stress and Anxiety and Living a Healthier Life Ahead

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Your Instructor

Kajal Sharma, Counselling Psychologist, and Psychotherapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioner, with Certifications in Color Therapy, Graphology, Dream Analysis with an internship experience at Cosmos and Fortis Hospital. She has researched topics like, "Mental Health of Married and Unmarried Working Women concerning Family Environment. Passionate about integrating mental health with an intersectional lens and social justice.

Kajal Sharma

Kajal Sharma