Becoming an Effective Therapist




5 Days

About the Course

We all have been there where we have been struggling, investing our minds into theories, and not getting hands-on practical knowledge. Well, Our Course on “Becoming an Effective Therapist” focuses on the aim of therapy and the therapist’s role. Moreover, It's essential to know more about the practical and ground reality to understand the relationship between a therapist and a client and how one can build it as a therapist along with attaching boundaries. Amongst all the factors, the most important that we bring light on is “Rapport Formation” by extending it further to types of questioning and tools allocated to help the client. Lastly, it's important to help the client learn self-disclosure, transference, and counter-transference along with knowing how to bring a session to an end!

Major Content:

  1. Aim of therapy and therapist’s role

  2. Therapeutic relationship and how to build it

  3. Rapport formation, Types of questioning, and tools to help the client

  4. Self-disclosure, transference, and countertransference

  5. Terminating a session

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Your Instructor

Bhavya Gandhi, Founder of Insightful Corner is a trained Mental Health Professional in her field. She has facilitated many workshops, courses and more with various organisations and have provided therapy to over a 100 number of clients. She is a learner at heart with a range of experience in different psychotherapeutic modalities. Not just a great Psychologist, she also has been a School and University Topper!

Bhavya Gandhi

Bhavya Gandhi