Training in Counselling Psychology




60 Hours

Story Time

About the Course

Counselling psychology is a vast subfield of professional psychology that focuses on employing psychological concepts to improve and promote the positive growth, well-being, and mental health of people, families, groups, and the larger society. Counselling psychologists approach their research and practise from a collaborative, developmental, multicultural, and wellness viewpoint.
Counselling psychology adheres to an integrated set of core values: (a) counselling psychologists regard individuals as agents of their own change and regard an individual's pre-existing strengths and resourcefulness, as well as the therapeutic relationship, as central mechanisms of change; (b) the counselling psychology approach to assessment, diagnosis, and case conceptualization is holistic and client-centered; and it directs attention to social context and culture when considering case conceptualization. SukoonGhar Academy, a department of SukoonGhar Org., provides Counselling Psychology Training to Psychology students and professionals to help them better comprehend the field.

Your Instructor

Kajal Sharma

Kajal Sharma, Counselling Psychologist, and Psychotherapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioner, with Certifications in Color Therapy, Graphology, Dream Analysis with an internship experience at Cosmos and Fortis Hospital. She has researched topics like, "Mental Health of Married and Unmarried Working Women concerning Family Environment. Passionate about integrating mental health with an intersectional lens and social justice.

Kajal Sharma