Training in Child Psychology




60 Hours

Story Time

About the Course

Child Psychology focuses on children's thoughts and behaviours, beginning with prenatal development and continuing through adolescence.
It addresses children's physical development as well as their emotional, mental, and social development. You must understand children in order to be a child psychologist. This discipline of psychology has advanced significantly, and it is now recognised that child psychology is not only unique in its field, but also extremely complicated.
Childhood is an important aspect of life. Everything that happens during that time period must be thoroughly investigated since the effects and experiences obtained throughout childhood will have an impact on behaviour and ongoing development.
SukoonGhar Academy, a subdivision of SukoonGhar Org., offers Child Psychology Training to Psychology students and professionals in order to improve their understanding of the subject.

Your Instructor

Meenakshi Ghosh

Meenakshi Ghosh, coming from the hills of Shillong, a Child Psychologist, Special Educator at Unschool has imparted the knowledge of Psychology to more than 2000 students. With a wide range of experience in working with special children with SLD, ADHD, Autism, etc, and sexual abuse survivors, she has also worked as a Speech Therapist.

Meenakshi Ghosh