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The branch of medicine which focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various mental, behavioural and emotional disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified medical doctors who specialise in treating various mental health disorders, which include substance abuse, Obsession Compulsion Disorder, Personality disorder etc. Treatments may consist of  Medications, Psychotherapy, ECT, Psychosocial interventions and more


Counselling allows individuals to discuss their problems and emotional status in a safe, confidential environment, often sought when people want to solve some problems or just gain clarity of their thoughts and feelings. Counsellors encourage one to talk in order to identify the root cause of problems, create an action plan and come up with methods of coping. Counselling can occur individually or in a group setting. It may help in gaining a better understanding of self, getting over ill coping mechanisms and improving relationships and work performance.

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Child Psychology

One of the branches of psychology, Child psychology focuses on the mental, behavioral and social development of children, starting from prenatal development through the entire adolescence stage. Focus is also on various psychological problems that may occur during childhood. Self-esteem, parenting, school environment, social pressure, cultural effects and more are vital parts of the field. 


In this particular technique, hypnosis is used to treat symptoms or health conditions. A hypnotic state is induced, waking awareness allowing people to experience detached eternal attention and attend to their inner experiences. Phobias and anxiety disorders are often treated with this method. Clients are subjected to deep relaxation, leading to an increase in awareness and deep focus on their problems.


Dream Analysis

Seen as ‘the royal road’ to the unconscious by Sigmund Freud, Dream analysis is a part of Psychoanalysis. Dreams are analyzed and interpreted in order to reveal underlying motivations, meanings, and representations. It is aided by free association. According to Psychoanalytical theory, repressed feelings are manifested in our dreams, dream analysis investigates such feelings. It is, most often, used as a broader part of a therapy depending upon the client’s interests. 

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Career Coaching


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