Trainings & Internship

From learning to developing, we provide trainings and internships which add up to one's individual gain practical knowledge. In addition to this, we also provide ample amount of resource material and storylines to gain in-depth knowledge.


 Workshop Series

We have a wide variety of workshops which caters to your needs and wants. We organize the workshops which are best suited to develop one's skill-set, to broaden the horizon of one's mind to ensure quality learning.


 Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses are designed in such a way that not only do they facilitate productivity, but also ensures that a newbie in the field is able to adjust well. It also adheres to focusing on the individuals coming from a non-psychological background.


Book A Session

It takes great amount of courage and  power to be upfront and take a step forward to take therapy. Nonetheless, Therapy is a long process and as it is said "Good Things take time". We've always got your back! Book a session with us if you are going through something.

About Us
Our Vision

Sukoon means "peace" and Ghar translates for "home". A SukoonGhar represents a peaceful home!

Transcending the physical, and the many limitations of an individual, we esteem to be the very organization that stands between the stigma about the mind's power, and the very potent yet misunderstood forms of therapy and healing. Just like the name of our organization suggests, SukoonGhar is dedicated to facilitating healing through various Mental Health Care Modalities, with additional services including Spirituality and more , to help our audience lead a more peaceful and content life.


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What is your SukoonGhar?

There are thousands like you, who trust us as their SUKOONGHAR

In love with the workshop, so informative and insightful. The mentor explained everything so amazingly in such a understandable manner with real life examples with such lovely activities!

The mentor was spectacular, everything that she taught was very informative. She was one of the best I've met , she took the inner child healing session which was amazing and genuinely it felt good and worth it to attend this workshop.

Absolutely, i felt sukoon over there. Sukoonghar has a different kind of vibe which is full of energy and positivity. And i had really great experience and made good friends over there. And learnt so much. Definitely going to miss that place until i visit again.